Raga Svara is a wellness retreat, a place to heal, learn, and practice how to heal using ancient Indian traditions. The retreats at Raga include experiences from the four core areas of wellbeing that is Therapeutic, Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Ecological. At Raga Svara, we learn to heal and cleanse our inner body with the help of Ayurveda. Raga Svara is very firmly attached to Ayurvedic treatments as it offers an excellent approach to many conditions and diseases.

Ayurveda is gaining rapid popularity worldwide, and people are interested in knowing more about Indian medicinal plants and their utility, not only for COVID-19 but for other respiratory disorders as well. However, though these herbs have been utilized by Indians for thousands of years, the technological advancements of the 21st century have also made people curious about the possible utility of these plants in the current perspective on the basis of modern evidence-based research.

In this regard, Raga Svara in association with RK University brings you 4 week free MOOC on "Indian Kitchen Herbs for Respiratory Disorders: Ayurvedic and Modern Perspective", where we would be exploring kitchen herbs on the basis of ancient wisdom and current science.

Who can participate

Students & practitioners, academicians & researchers, professionals & housewives, young & old, skeptics and believers... In short, it is open for one and all herbal enthusiasts, from across the globe.

MOOC duration

The MOOC will be open from 6th July to 3rd August, 2020   (total 8 modules; two modules will be published every week).

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Opens in Winter, 2020.
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Raga Svara
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